StoneMark Prestige Installation Service – Our Commitment to Excellence

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StoneMark Prestige Installation ServiceOur commitment to always strive for excellence is the reason we created our Prestige Installation Service. This new customer-focused program ranges from priority scheduling through top-notch job completion and everything in between – from enhanced seams to our exceptional employees.

Our installation crews’ focus is on protecting your home and new countertop while performing your installation. They are hand-picked, background-checked, dressed for success, and will never smoke at your location. With Prestige Installation Service, we want your final steps to be as special as your new countertop.

Here is our commitment to providing the best installation in town!

Priority Scheduling- Most companies only schedule your installation after you get your kitchen templated. At StoneMark, we know how important it is to perform to your schedule, so we give you field measure (template) AND installation dates at the same time.1

Enhanced Seams– Many stone companies cut seams on a stone saw and install them as is. A saw can leave microchips on the top edge creating a less than great seam. At StoneMark, we put all of our seams on our Northwood CNC routers and grind them with a special tool that removes as many chips as possible, creating the best possible seam.

Background-Checked Installers– You don’t want just anyone in your home, and neither do we! All of our installers must pass a rigorous background check before assigning them to a job.

Dressed for Success Speaking of installers, ours are the best dressed in town! They all wear a company uniform of khakis and a StoneMark shirt, and their boots are covered with booties to protect your floors.

We clean up after ourselves– After your installation is complete, we’ll make sure your new kitchen is spic and span so you can spend your time admiring our work, not cleaning up after us! We’ll sweep your floor broom clean and vacuum up any dust that might have been created in the installation process.

We Protect your Home– Our installers will lay down mats to protect your floors. If you have other contractors in your home, we can cover your tops with a blue film protector to keep your new countertops safe from rusty toolboxes, belt buckles, and other potential contractor scratch hazards.

No Smoking Smoking is not permitted in our facility or at any job location. Our installers will never smoke in your home!

1Subject to availability of full job details.

2Except in cases where booties present a safety hazard/slip risk.