Now, more than ever, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. Families gather there for everything from fancy meals and takeout to work-at-home projects and spending time together. But regardless of whether you actually cook in your kitchen, your time there will be more pleasurable if your kitchen design reflects the overall aesthetic of your home. That’s why Marble, and look-alike stone, Dolomite, continue to be a top choice of designers. These stones make undeniably beautiful countertops and will instantly create a sense of elegance and grandeur in your kitchen.


It’s not surprising that Marble is a favorite among today’s prominent designers for gorgeous, swanky kitchens and bathrooms. It’s a sophisticated way to bring an element of nature into the home with its natural veining. The cool, smooth surface of marble is a favorite of bakers for rolling out dough, plus its innate brilliance gives the kitchen a fresh, clean sparkle that can illuminate a space with less natural light. In this article’s feature photo, you can see how Carrara Marble showcases this beautiful kitchen with a look that will always be in style.

Like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two marble slabs are alike, making marble countertops unique in the truest sense of the word. As a natural stone, the physical appearance of a marble countertop is entirely organic. Its veining is formed by mineral deposits, which is what makes it different from piece to piece. Though solid black and white are the most common Marble colors used for countertops, other shades are available, such as cream, charcoal, green, and rose.

Another advantage of a marble countertop is the amount of value it adds to your home. It truly is an investment. The grand impression alone that well-maintained marble countertops make on potential buyers can contribute significantly to a property’s ability to sell. The air of luxury around this surface even helps realtors upsell listings.

The daily care of marble is simple, requiring only warm water and a mild dish soap followed by a microfiber towel to shine the stone. You should treat these countertops like your hands and avoid abrasive, acidic cleaners or bleach that strip the sealer and etch the stone. All StoneMark Marble countertops receive a 15-year sealer that protects against untimely spills and splashes. As always, It’s best to promptly wipe up spills since continued exposure to acidic spills can cause etching or discoloration.

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A low-maintenance stone, Dolomite offers the aesthetic appeal of marble but with the durability of granite. This countertop is not susceptible to scratches, dents, or abrasions, and its resistance to heat, pressure, and other types of wear and tear. Dolomite also offers an aura of elegance and sophistication to any kitchen and is available in white and gray colors with attractive natural veining.

When comparing the two stones, Dolomite is often thought of as a more resilient form of marble. They both are smooth and glossy, easy to clean and maintain, and offer a very suitable option for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Dolomite can be cleaned with mild soap and water for daily maintenance like other natural stones. StoneMark’s Dolomite countertops all receive a 15-year sealer that protects against untimely spills and splashes but it’s always best to wipe up spills promptly since continued exposure to acidic spills can cause etching or discoloration.

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