At StoneMark, we care about our environmental impact and strive to be an eco-friendly stone fabricator. Part of being a good steward of the earth means finding new ways to save precious resources. We use a lot of clean water, so we invested in the Pristine Water Filtration System to recycle the water we use while working on our stone. We found that by using water filtration, we can prevent thousands of gallons of wastewater from going into the sewage system each year. Not only does this dramatically reduce our water usage, but it also eliminates adding pollutants to our environment.

So why does StoneMark need to use so much water? The stone cutting process requires us to use thousands of gallons of clean water every day to keep our diamond cutting and polishing tools cool so they can perform their very best. All of our tools are surrounded by a water halo, which keeps our team safe by maintaining a critical healthy, dust-free environment.

Our Pristine Water Filtration System allows us to operate at full-plant speed – which means the system has the ability to continue to recycle enough water volume for an entire day’s production. We only need to replace a minimal amount of freshwater each day! Another way the system helps the environment is through settling as a way to remove residue. This means we not only recycle all our used-water, but the system produces leftovers that are entirely environmentally friendly and can safely be disposed of. 

We are also very aware that discarding the industrial stone waste is another potential problem for our environment.  StoneMark recycles every bit of our leftover stone into a reusable product,  so all material is thoroughly utilized. Rather than ending up in a landfill, leftover stone scrap gets crushed and is then repurposed as gravel for roads or for use in other commercial projects. 

 At StoneMark, we are always working to improve our stone products while leaving minimal impact on our environment. By recycling thousands of gallons of water, we save resources while reducing our impact on the earth. Plus, the water cost savings is just one of the many ways we can offer great pricing to our customers!

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