Recent design trends noted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) in their annual member survey detail how COVID-19 will leave its mark on kitchen layouts and new design styles will likely remain. More than half the respondents from NKBA’s Design Trends 2021 study identified layouts that accommodate working from home and schoolwork areas as a popular kitchen trend moving into 2021. Larger kitchens for family gatherings also will remain popular since going out to eat remains on the decline. 

One of the most exciting shakeouts within the study dealt with style. The Traditional-style kitchen has fallen from the top-three kitchen styles to 10th-most-popular. Meanwhile, Organic/Natural, which placed 9th in last year’s study, has leapfrogged into the top three. Nearly 50%  surveyed identified it as an up-and-coming style for the next few years. Only Contemporary, at 55%, and Transitional, at 53%, were higher. One respondent referred to “Clean, organic, natural kitchens with recycled materials” as most desirable, while others spoke of a minimalist environment with the need for “cleanable, adaptable, functional spaces.”

While whites/off whites will be the most popular kitchen color scheme for the near future, cited by 47%, grays, beiges/bones, and blues were each mentioned by at least 25% of respondents. For countertops and backsplashes, lighter colors won the day, preferred by 58%. At the same time, quartz remained the overwhelming material choice for the next three years, chosen by 78% of those surveyed, followed by quartzite, at 29%.

The use of technology in the kitchen also continued to grow. Topping the list for near-term implementation are dedicated areas for mobile device/laptop charging and viewing (63%), technology with seamless video communication (49%), and emergency refrigerator power sources (49%).

Among the other major layout themes expected to dominate are L-shaped designs with large islands that function as dining tables. Overall, the most popular layout option, cited by 64% of respondents, was removing walls to open the kitchen into other areas.

So, Design Trend Key Takeaways for Kitchen and Baths in 2021 are:

  • L-shaped kitchens with large islands will dominate for layouts.
  • Organic/Natural styles for both kitchens and baths are rising quickly in popularity, as Traditional falls out of favor.
  • Light color quartz leads the way for both kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.
  • Dedicated areas for device charging/viewing are leading kitchen additions

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