A full-height solid slab backsplash has a beautiful, clean, and timeless design. It says luxury in kitchens of any size, but it doesn’t necessarily require a luxurious budget. One of the up and coming design trends for 2020, a solid slab backsplash, can be made of either the countertop stone material or a coordinating stone material and run continuously up the wall. While tile styles can be trendy and change often, a solid slab backsplash gives your kitchen an inspirational, yet timeless look that never goes out of style.

Quartz Countertops have developed a loyal following because of their attractive appearance, durability, and easy care. Quartz is a designer favorite due to its rich, luxurious finish and is available in more colors than natural stone. Made with a combination of ground quartz and polymer resin, it creates an ultra-durable countertop that is as close to indestructible as you can get. It won’t chip or crack under normal use, is non-porous, and stain-resistant.

Consider using a solid stone surface to create different visual effects. Matching the countertop and slab backsplash makes for a cohesive design while using two different stone colors adds dimension to your design without feeling overbearing. It balances a modern form with a timeless traditional material for the best of both worlds in your kitchen. Use the rule of opposites when going for different looks on the backsplash and countertop. If you have a slab backsplash with lots of variation or movement, use a muted countertop with an even grain and vice versa.

Since the eye gravitates to vertical surfaces, using a stone with large-scale veining on the wall is naturally more eye-catching,  especially in a spacious kitchen. It’s also a natural choice for open-concept kitchens since the stone backsplash is on full display, even from a distance. When combined with a wrapped island, the look is ultraluxe.

There are also several budget-friendly ways to achieve this look. You can use a stone backsplash in a less expansive kitchen by choosing a smaller area to place the slab. Designs where the stone is featured on one main wall, give a smaller kitchen the full-impact effect while keeping the actual material square footage low. This is especially effective behind a cooktop and allows you to go all out without having a significant impact on your budget.

One of the most significant benefits of having a solid slab backsplash is how easy it is too clean. It’s a solid surface just like a countertop, so you just wipe it down. There’s no grout to clean, which is especially helpful in areas where stains typically tend to build up, like behind the cooktop.

At StoneMark, we can help you achieve this beautiful look with any countertop material – granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble. Choose from the beautiful stone slabs at our yard on Logan Street or select from one of our many Quartz samples on display. Contact us at 502-315-5110 to schedule a time to stop by or set up a virtual visit by clicking on the link below.

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