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The Beauty of Quartz Countertops

June 17, 2020

Quartz Countertops have developed a loyal following because of their attractive appearance, durability, and easy care. Quartz is a designer favorite due to its rich, luxurious finish and is available in more colors than natural stone. Made with a combination of ground quartz and polymer resin, it creates an ultra-durable countertop that is as close to indestructible as you can get. It won't chip or crack under normal use, is non-porous, and stain-resistant.

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Design Inspiration: Full Height Solid Slab Backsplash

May 12, 2020

A full-height solid slab backsplash has a beautiful, clean, and timeless design. It says luxury in kitchens of any size, but it doesn't necessarily require a luxurious budget. One of the up and coming design trends for 2020, a solid slab backsplash, can be made of either the countertop stone material or a coordinating stone material and run continuously up the wall. While tile styles can be trendy and change often, a solid slab backsplash gives your kitchen an inspirational, yet timeless look that never goes out of style.

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Beautify Your Commercial Space With Granite, Quartz or Other Natural Stone

May 7, 2020

Business owners and property managers know commercial buildings have different needs from residential properties. This is especially true when choosing a stone for countertops or other decorative finishes. Each type of stone, whether Granite, Quartz, or more exotic natural stone, offers its particular advantage. Using these beautiful, easy to maintain products can help your property attract the right type of business tenants.

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Brighten Your Kitchen With White Stone

April 30, 2020

When making a selection for your kitchen remodel or a new home, it's wise to remember that your countertops are the foundation of your entire kitchen décor. Beautiful countertops will set the tone and feel of your new space, and white countertops provide the perfect way to brighten the room. Besides adding a contemporary note in an otherwise traditional kitchen, the white color makes clean lines and creates the illusion the kitchen is more expansive.

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