Business owners and property managers know commercial buildings have different needs from residential properties. This is especially true when choosing a stone for countertops or other decorative finishes. Each type of stone, whether Granite, Quartz, or more exotic natural stone, offers its particular advantage. Using these beautiful, easy to maintain products can help your property attract the right type of business tenants.

Quartz Countertops have developed a loyal following because of their attractive appearance, durability, and easy care. Quartz is a designer favorite due to its rich, luxurious finish and is available in more colors than natural stone. Made with a combination of ground quartz and polymer resin, it creates an ultra-durable countertop that is as close to indestructible as you can get. It won’t chip or crack under normal use, is non-porous, and stain-resistant.

Granite is a perfect choice for a commercial space. Its versatile, and modern look can be used in a variety of settings. Not only is it striking, but it also conveys cleanliness and provides the perfect look to complement upscale amenities. Common areas, coffee bars, and gaming lounges are a great way to feature granite surfaces. With StoneMark’s 15-year sealer, Granite is easy to care for, and cleaning is a breeze with a simple mix of warm water and mild dish soap. 

Granite doesn’t have to be used solely for surfaces; it can also be part of office décor. Full slabs can be used for backsplashes, and remnants can be put together to make individual designs. The ultimate in office décor is an elegant conference room table made of polished granite slabs.

Quartz surfaces provide a look that is modern, beautiful, and trendy in any commercial space. Available in a large variety of colors, Quartz can either match the desired décor of a current office space or feel just right in a new office. It’s scratch, stain, and impact-resistant, and because it is non-porous, it requires no future sealing.

Many restaurants use Quartz because it’s durable, relatively inexpensive, very clean-looking, and is easy to keep food-safe. Bacteria, mold, mildew, and other microorganisms can’t penetrate Quartz because of the non-porous finish. Quartz restroom countertops are easier for staff to clean and less likely to spread disease-causing germs. Quartz requires far less care than other building materials, so your long-term maintenance costs are easier on a facility’s budget.

Searching for a particular look and feel? We have many eye-catching exotic stone surfaces that can provide specialized treatment for your space. Onyx is ultra-luxe and can be back-lit in many applications. If you’re looking for a rustic look, soapstone and limestone work perfectly where shiny surfaces are not a fit. And for the ultimate in durability and uniqueness, porcelain surfaces like Dekton can’t be beaten.

At StoneMark, we will help your commercial space achieve a beautiful look with either Granite or Quartz. Choose Granite from the beautiful stone slabs in our stone yard or select from one of our many Quartz samples on display. Contact us at 502-315-5110 to schedule a time to stop by or set up a virtual visit!

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